It's Tuesday 2:11 PMThe Main Library is currently open
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It's Tuesday 2:11 PMThe Main Library is currently open

Printing, Copying, and Scanning

Please note that computers shut down 20 minutes before closing.

Get information on our Computer Policy (updated July 2019), assistive technology, and computers.


How much does it cost to print or make a copy?
Printouts and copies are 25¢ per page for black-and-white.
Color printing/copying is $1 per page and available at the Main Library only. Double-sided printing/copying is not available.

Can I print or copy on my own, specialized paper?
No, customers are not allowed to switch out library paper for their own paper.

Can I print while using WiFi?
Yes! To print at the Main Library using our WiFi or from a remote location, send your print job to

Do you offer scanning?
Yes! Scanning is provided free of charge. You can scan to an email address or USB memory device.

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