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Montclair Land Deed and Transcript

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To all Christian People To Whom these Presents Shall
Come I Azariah Crane of Newark in the County of Essex and Province
of New Jersey yeomin Send Greeting. Know ye That I the Said Azariah
Crane for and In Consideration of the Love Good will and Affection
which I have and Bear towards my Loving Son Azariah Crane Junr
of the Same Place weaver; and more Especially for and in Consideration
of the Sum of ten Shillings To me In hand Paid Before the Ensealing
here-of &C. Have Given Granted Bargained & Sold and by these Presents
Do fully frely Clearly and absolutely Give Grand Bargain Sell unto my
said Son Azariah Crane and to his Heirs and Assigns forever all that one
Certain [void] and Parcel of land situate in Newark as in the [void]
of Essex foresd. Begining at the Northeast Corner of my Land Joining
upon David Baldwin and thence Runing westerly to the Top of the mountain
and thense Runing Southardly to the North Side of the Land that I Bought
of Orie Sipps and thence Runing Easterly a Strait Line to the Conner of David
Baldwin aforesd. And my own land thence Runing Northardly upon said
David Baldwin to the Place where it Began Bounded Northardly upon
Nathaniel Crane westerly on the Top of the Mountain Southardly upon
My own land that I Bought of Said Orie Sipps and Easterly upon Said
David Baldwin. Including all my Land in that tract that I owned
Before I Bought of Said Orie Sipps and that only Excepted between
my Brother Nathanial Crane aforsd. & Levi Vincent that is my Land Lying
Between them and the Top of the mountain aforsd and David Baldwin
Easterly aforesd. I likewise Give Grant Bargain Sell in manner abovesd,
one [void] Third Part of all my Land west or on Top of the mountain
abovesd. my Son Azariah Crane abovesd, to his Heirs and assigns
forever Lying By the road or highway that Leads to horseneck –
Together with all the Right Title Interest Claim and Demand whatsoever
which I Now have or which any or other of my Heirs Executors
Administrators and Assigns may hereafter have of to or in the said
granted premises or any part thereof to have and to hold the Said
Granted Premises unto him the Said Azariah Crane his Heirs and
Assigns forever Absolutely without further manner of
Condition as I the Said Azariah Crane have fully freely clearly
and absolutely and of my own accord Put in further Testimony
in witness whereof I have Hereunto Set my Hand and Seal
this Eighth Day of November in the Twenty-Sixth year of the
Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second By the Grace of God
of Great Brittain In Anno Domini One Thousand Seven hundred
and fifty two.

Signed Sealed & Delivered
In the Presence of
Benjamin Lindly
David Lamson

Azariah [ ] Crane

27th year of the Reign of George the Second
Nov. 8. 1752

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April 27, 1753

then personally appeared
the witnesses and Azariah Crane before
me Elija John one of his majesties Judges of the
Cort of Common plea for the County of Essex
and acknowledged the within written Deed to
be his voluntary act and deed.

Elija John

—Transcribed circa January 1, 1961

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