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It's Friday 8:54 PMThe Library is currently closed

Black History Month at the Library

Black History Month

MPL Reading Challenge

This year we’re using Beanstack to “learn about Black history makers, explore cultural traditions, and honor the evolution of Black history in America.”

Complete activities and log your reading to earn badges along the way. Register today.

Recommended Films

Use your Montclair Public Library card to access a wealth of outstanding feature and documentary films by Black directors and writers, available to stream instantly through our subscriptions to Kanopy or hoopla. In addition, several of these titles are available to borrow on DVD where noted—request them from the BCCLS catalog.

Feature Films

“Body and Soul” directed by Oscar Micheaux (Kanopy)
“A Boy. A Girl. A Dream.” directed by Qasim Basir (Kanopy, hoopla, DVD)
“Cane River” directed by Horace B. Jenkins (Kanopy, DVD)
“Daughters of the Dust” directed by Julie Dash (Kanopy, DVD)
“Moonlight” directed by Barry Jenkins (Kanopy, hoopla, DVD)
“Personal Problems” directed by Bill Gunn (Kanopy)
“Solace” directed by Tchaiko Omawale (Kanopy, DVD)
“Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song” directed by Melvin Van Peebles (Kanopy)
“The Watermelon Woman” directed by Cheryl Dunye (Kanopy)


“The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution” directed by Stanley Nelson (Kanopy, hoopla, DVD)
“I Am Not Your Negro” directed by Raoul Peck (Kanopy, hoopla, DVD)
“The New Black” directed by Yoruba Richen (Kanopy)
“Slavery by Another Name” directed by Samuel D. Pollard (Kanopy, DVD)
“Soul Food Junkies” directed by Byron Hurt (Kanopy, DVD)
“Whose Streets?” by Damon Davis and Sabaah Folayan (Kanopy, DVD)

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